For the past 20+ years Locking Systems International Inc. (LSI) has been providing locks and locking solutions to Companies of all sizes. With our design and manufacturing capabilities we can build Locks and Locking Systems and Protection Products to your exact specifications.

Beginning in mid-2012 we started LsiDepot.com our on-line Lock Store.  This Store was developed to bring custom lock keying to ALL customers.  After we receive an on-line order we get all the parts necessary to pin the locks ordered, then build those locks to the exact customer specification.

The Locking System International Difference:

Our 20+ years as a Factory Authorized Service Center and Manufacturer gives us the unique ability to differentiate ourselves from most everyone else selling locks on the internet.  We can provide, initiate and store registered lock codes, we can build locks to custom codes and we can build locks to your current lock codes.  All of this is why we are different than those “Other” internet sellers and also the “Big Box Stores”.

We have designed and manufactured the Cobra Lock Line.  The Cobra Lock line is unique and innovative winning 4 US Patents that increase the security of our locks, or add to the ability of the end USER to increase security by changing lock