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Padlock Hasps

No Shackle HaspShackleless Padlock Hasp is designed for shackleless padlock or "Hockey Puck" padlocks. This padlock is designed so that when the padlock is locked it is completely surrounded and protected by Steel.

  • Constructed of Zinc Plated Hardened Steel
  • Hasp body will conceal and protect the padlock
  • Measures 9" (23cm) long x 4-1/2" (11cm) wide
  • Designed for use with our Universal PUCK padlock and other PUCK style padlocks
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The PL775 Hasp increases both security and convenience when used with a hidden shackle hockey puck-style locks. Made from 1/4″ thick steel and then zinc plated for extra weather resistance, the PL775 works with all 2-7/8” diameter flat-back hockey puck-style locks. PL775 HaspThe PL775 also has one short side that measures 2” x 4.5” – ideal for trailers, vans, trucks, doors, and shipping containers when high security is required and door frame space is limited.

Used for high-security applications, the PL775’s hasp ears can be mounted either using carriage bolts or by directly welding to your application. The PL775 is the only hasp on the market to offer two hidden 5/16″bolt holes protected by the padlock itself.

  • Hasp ears can be mounted either using carriage bolts (not supplied) or by directly welding to your application
  • Pair with a set of PL775 Backplates for more stability when mounting
  • Hidden shackle “hockey puck” lock not included
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Folding PUCK HaspThis Folding Hasp for PUCK Padlocks will mount to the top of the fuel dispenser and folds over the front of the door preventing unauthorized door entry. Fits ALL Gilbarco pumps (Advantage, Encore 300/500/500s & 700 dispensers). Also fits ALL Dresser Wayne pumps offering big security upgrade from the standard door screws. Accepts Cobra Universal PUCK Padlock.

  • Constructed of Powder Coated steel
  • Accepts all PUCK padlocks such as the Cobra Universal PUCK Padlock
  • Fits ALL Gilbarco and Dresser Wayne fuel dispensers
  • Includes all mounting hardware
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Folding Padlock HaspFolding Padlock Hasp is designed to accept most standard padlocks such as the Patented Cobra "FLEX" padlock. Constructed of steel with black powder coated paint. This padlock is perfect for single swing door cooler applications.

  • Constructed of powder coated steel
  • Perfect for single swing door applications
  • Secure with any standard type padlock
  • Mounting requires screws, bolts or rivets (user supplied)
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Double Hinged HaspThe Double Hinged Hasp is designed to fit a variety of applications. Constructed of hardened steel, this hasp stands up to the most aggressive physical attacks.
7-3/4" (20cm) in length to help protect hard to lock items and reaching around corners

  • Constructed of Zinc Plated Hardened Steel
  • Hasp body will conceal hinge pins and protect the mounting hardware
  • Accepts padlocks with a shackle diameter of up to 7/16" (11mm)
  • Hardened boron alloy shackle will resist cutting and sawing
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Center Hole HaspThe Center Hole Hasp is constructed out of hardened steel and capable of withstanding aggressive physical attacks.
Measures 5-3/16" (13cm) x 2" (51mm) wide angle bracket hasp

  • Constructed of Zinc Plated Hardened Steel
  • Accepts padlocks with a shackle diameter of up to 7/16" (11mm)
  • Hardened steel will resist cutting, hammering and sawing
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