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Vending Protection

TufGuard T-Handle Guards
TufGuard T-Handle ProtectionOur TufGuard T-Handle Guards are designed to protect the vending machine T-handle and lock. The vending machine T-Handle is usually constructed out of a soft zinc alloy and as such is an attack point by those trying to gain access. We designed the TufGuard T-Handle Guard to fully incase the T-Handle in Solid Steel, protecting both the handle and the vending lock.

  • Constructed of Solid Steel
  • Powder Coated for Durability
  • Provides T-Handle and Lock Protection


TufGuard Armored Masks
TufGuard Armored MaskOur TufGuard Armored Masks were designed to protect the plastic front of Bill Acceptors widely used in many vending machines.
They are constructed of solid steel and are powder coated for durability.
The TufGuard Armored Masks currently fit MEI®, Conlux® and Coinco® Bill Acceptors.

  • Replacement for MEI®, Coinco and Conlux Bill Acceptors
  • Constructed of Solid Steel
  • Powder Coated for Durability


TufGuard Stacker Cover
TufGuard Bill Stacker CoverOur TufGuard Stacker Cover was designed to protect vending machines from "Pry and Snatch" attacks. Pry and Snatch attacks occur when the side of the vending machine is pried back and opened to expose the Bill Acceptor and Bill Stacker where the dollar bills are stored, the bills are then "Snatched" out of the Bill Stacker. The Bill Stacker is usually made of plastic.

The TufGuard Stacker Cover fits over the Plastic Bill Acceptor Stacker providing steel protection of the stacker and the bills.

  • Constructed of Solid Steel
  • Powder Coated for Durability
  • Protects the Bill Acceptor Stacker
  • Prevents "Pry and Snatch" attacks
  • No Installation - just slip over the stacker